Infographics Video Production - A Break Thurough

Infographics are one of the breakthrough discoveries in the last decade and have been put to great use recently by marketers & presenters as it stands to be an efficient tool in conveying the intended message clear and quick. As the name suggests, it gives a visual representation of data or information by combining text, image, graphics, and statistics. This way the presenter can break complex information and put them into small pieces of visuals that are easy for the audience to understand, grasp and remember. In addition, it avoids the audience from getting bored with umpteen content that is going to be presented.

Why Infographic Videos?

  • Helps the presenter to just pause & play the content whenever needed
  • No need of zooming in and out the infographic for explaining the content
  • Compelling Audio & video aspects put together adds value to the information being presented
  • Grabs the attention of the audience easily
  • Quick understanding of the information when played as a video

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Vast applications of Infographic Videos vetted by Visual Birds

Product launch

Businesses can demonstrate their product features, benefits, advantages, applications, etc using Infographic Videos. This creative video is paramount for a product/prototype working demo and showcasing. Startups can utilize this video to pitch their business plan and working model to investors.

Company profile

Corporate companies to their standards wish to present their company profile in many situations viz. Board meeting, Recruitment drive, Management discussions. In this case, they can adopt Infographic Videos to elucidate the history, hierarchy, employee benefits, company values/ Mission/ Vision, work culture, growth, and achievements. Similarly, in the field of education, Institutions and Academic Organizations can use this type of video to elucidate their profile.

Project Proposal

Different aspects of a Project namely Objectives, Pros/Cons, Market opportunities, Commercialisation, etc can be well explained using an Infographic creative video. This way the project can be well understood by the listeners.

Campus Placements/Recruitment

Exclusively to benefit the companies going for recruitment drives to various campuses, infographic videos are employed so as to elaborate and impress the students in a very short span of time. The success of the video lies in the fact that how captivating the way of content is being presented in the given 1-2 mins.


From the Event Production industry point of view, these videos can help them to explain their efforts, portfolio to potential clients. From the Business point of view, these creative videos can help decode the numbers ie. Revenue, Profits, Growth, ROI, etc In general, Highlights based infographics videos are functioned for reporting purposes.