Stop Motion Video Production Service

Also called Stop Frame animation is a cinematographic technique that combines static photographs and creates an illusion effect as if a physical object or the subject is moving. This is done by merging one frame with others in a sequence. For this, individual images have to be captured in a series one frame at a time. Aptly, we call that stop motion videos are a cross-product resulted from photography and cinematography.

Across India, USA, and the UK, we the Visual Birds video production company has extended our services from stop motion animations to feature-length films. Our quality of animations is extremely unbelievable in a way that it doesn’t get visualized as stop motion video rather videography captured in real. This has made to be the leading service provider in this kind of video production.

Important Factors In Stop Motion Animation

Software and Hardware with which stop motion is createdSubject matter or material for modelingCamera to take stillsLighting during the shoot

Combining Stop Motion

By the means of composting, stop-motion animation can be merged with a normal video or a live action video.

Various Techniques In Stop Motion Animation

Puppet animation

It is called Puppet animation for the reason that it involves complex structures, textures, and detailed modeling. When this is subjected to framing, the complex models resembles like puppet movement

Cutout animation

2D pieces of materials are used as a subject in cutout animation making it look like cutouts are in a movement. Examples of a 2D piece are Paper and Cloth.

Product animation

A physical product or a material is animated into stop motion effect in this technique.

Object animation

Object animation uses inanimate objects instead of real objects to create stop motion animation video.

Clay animation

In this kind of animation technique, flexible material like clay is used to shape the subject matter. This flexibility helps in easy transformation in the shape and size of the subject created.


Pixilation involves the use of human beings put into stop animation adding surreal effects. The objects (Human beings) may seem to appear, disappear, reduce or enlarge in sizes, etc. In addition, there are other variants namely Character animation, Graphics animation, and Papercraft animation.