Boring Video Presentations Are No More!

Animations have very well replaced the use of normal video presentations that are frankly boring and laborious. Studies prove that animation is the best way to attract viewers, capture their attention and get the information passed across. Whiteboard animation is one such way to excite your audience with super innovative ways of presenting the umpteen data on the checklist.

Visual Birds And White Board Animation Video Production


High end animation software's that supports various rendering options.


In house animation and illustration experts.

Well planned storyline

Clear cut story board allowed to get reviewed by the clients.

Project Management

In depth feedback and corrections before and after animation to avoid reworks.

Perfect Mixture

Best Voice to narrate the Illustrations.


Produced with the latest trends and viral content imparted in the story line.

Whiteboard Animation: Explained

It is an animated film or video that helps the viewer efficiently understand the message or information through a series of illustrations played along. The video is produced by a step by step process of capturing the illustrations drawn on a whiteboard or a white space, organizing the illustration in the required sequence, and recording. The recording is then subjected to a time-lapse or a stop-motion effect or any other transition to get the final rendering of the whiteboard animation video. Transition effects influence the flow of the animation video and play a vital role in retaining the viewers’ attention towards the story.

Top 7 reasons to choose Whiteboard animation videos

Clear and easy understandingRetains in the memory longer than normal videosEconomical / affordableA lot of information can be presentedSimply explainedDoesn’t require intense effortsBetter audience engagement

Who Can Use Whiteboard Animation Videos?

Training Institutes

A lot of training centers and individual freelancing trainers use white board animation video as a tool to demonstrate and train their students or attendees.

Product marketers

Product marketers and marketing managers of corporate companies adopt this kind of animated white board videos to test and optimize the marketing strategy for their products and services.

Linguistic tutors

Nowadays, people have started attending online language classes to practice speaking, reading, and writing an unknown lingual. It is also handy for the linguistic tutors to use animation videos to teach the language with a lot of illustrations and visuals.


Post the growth of online marketing and animation, advertisers have begun using a variety of video types to propose to their clients. Whiteboard animation videos will definitely be one among their favorite and most chosen video type.

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